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Posh Polka Dots

Only pets at the pinnacle of fashion would be seen in Posh Polka Dots.  This 1/2-1" wide polka dot leatherette collar is fitted with an Austrian style  crystal paw, bone, or heart charm.  Leave us a note when you order, if you have a charm preference.

Wild Side reversible leopard and dalmatian print fur collar
Side reversible jungle print collar
The moment your pet slips this collar on, you'll see a whole new attitude emerge. 
Friends and Neighbors will do a double take when your pet struts down the block wearing leopard print one day,
& sporting dalmatian the next.  Secured by a tie, this collar is sized flexibly for an 8-16" fit. 
This collar comes in That Cat! Originals signature gift box.

metallic multi color collar for pets with colorful personalities

Designed for the colorful character in the household who bounces around the house with unstoppable exuberance. 
This ring of color is as bubbly and buoyant as your pet even on their most unstoppable day! 
Spark filled metallic in a zodiac of colors makes this collar a must have for the colorful one in your household. 
There's a size big enough for your pets personality. . .no matter how big and brilliant it might be!

Choose a Charm

The Patriot red white and blue dog collar
The Patriot
Whether, it's Australia, Costa Rica, France, Russia, United Kingdom, or USA, the minute your four legged one and only puts on this collar, they will be the epitome of National pride, as they prance around like Bruce Springsteen in their flashy new red white and blue!
Choose a Charm
Posh Paisley crystal dog and cat collar
Posh Paisley
Swish Persian pickles spun with gold, topped with silver beading, and fastened with a crystal buckle
 make the perfect posh fashion statement for your pet.  The instant your 4 legged one and only
dons their new Posh Paisley digs, they will be ready to hit the streets for the whole neighborhood to see!
The Hipster dog and cat flower collar
The Hipster
Only intended for pets that are hip and cool, the Hipster leather pet collar is available in
a cool range of electric colors topped with groovy flowers and capped with sparkly crystal. 
This 1/2" wide trend setting collar will have your pet saying Yeah Baby! 

    Rising Star crystal cat collar
Rising Star
Up until now, not many people might know that you have a four legged up and coming one in your household. 
The minute your pet dons this 1/2" wide leatherette dazzler, the whole neighborhood will be scrambling to see
 who the furry superstar is.  Brilliant crystals set in dazzling metallic leatherette will put your pet
 on the radar screen, and pave the way towards stardom . .even if only in their own house!

Sassy Scott crystal and plaid cat and dog collar
Sassy Scott
This bold ring of plaid surrounded by lively crystals is intended for pets who are full of spirit and just a bit cheeky.  
Available in Burberry blue and Regal Red, Your pet will be more spectacular than the smoothest single malt when they don this collar.
rows of crystals & collar width

Celtic Cross cat collar
Angelic One
 Adorned with crystal crosses and topped with a crystal charm, 
this 3/4" wide 8-11" leatherette collar is designed
 for the perfect pet who can do no wrong.

The Extrovert leather collar with bones and paws
The Extrovert
Designed for the four legged sociable one who does not mind standing out  in the crowd,
The Extrovert pet collar comes in colors as bold and vibrant as your pets own personality. 
Available for pets with neck sizes of 8-14" (1/2" wide), 16-20" (3/4" wide), and 22-26" (1" wide),
this collar is sized to fit all of the extroverts in your household (except the two legged type!).
Size & Charm for Small To Medium Sized Cats and Dogs
Size and Charm for Large to Extra Large Sized Dogs
Party Animal multi colored crystal pet collar
Party Animal

 Start up the blender, strike up the band, the minute your pets puts this collar on
they'll be ready for the biggest party in the land!  A kaleidoscope of crystals set in 3/4" eye popping leather
have the makings of a collar fit for the party animal in your household.
Bandit Bandana for cats and dogs
Bellisimo Bandito

Brilliant blooms and stars set in durable 1/2" leatherette has the makings of a bellisimo bandana for the little bandito of the house. 

crystal filigree cat collar

Entitled One

 1/4" leatherette loaded with gold filigree flowers, and capped with crystals, 
This collar is suitable for none other than the entitled one in your house.

Bedazzled metallic crystal cat collar

Two rows of crystals turn this durable leatherette collar into a disco inferno.  Who knew that a pet collar
could take one back to yesteryear?  Bedazzled will have your pet bopping to the sound of the Bee Gees. 
This 3/4" metallic collar comes with a safety ring to ID your pet.  The only thing missing is the revolving strobe lamp.

spiked leather dog collar
Little Bruiser
This stunning studded leather collar is intended for the little ruffian in your household. . .
or in some cases the meek little pet who needs protection from the neighborhood bully. 
Sharp silver spikes and studs turn this hot little collar into serious business. 
This 1/2"-1" wide collar comes with a safety ring to identify your pet. . .
just in case you you want them back if they get lost.
16.99 Little Bruiser for Extra Small to Small Sized Pets

$19.99 Little Bruiser for Medium Sized Pets
$24.99 Little Bruiser for Large to Extra Large Sized Dogs
Brilliant Bruiser crystal and spike cat collar
Brilliant Bruiser
Brilliant Bruiser is for the pet who is seeking protection from the local bully while maintaining
their brilliant fashion sense.  This stunning metallic 1/2" wide leatherette collar is a lightweight version
of the Little Bruiser collar comes topped with brilliant crystals and packed with attitude.  The minute your
four legged beauty pops on this collar, their mere presence will intimidate the toughest bully on the block.
Pop Star crystal collar for dogs and cats
Pop Star
For the born to be famous pet who likes to strut their stuff, the Pop Star pet collar perfects their persona. 
Adorned with gold filigree crystal capped flowers, this collar brings out the pop star in your pet. 
 The Pop Star collar is 1/2" wide leatherette and comes with a safety ring to id your pet in case they get lost.
Crystal Camouflage Collar
Urban Camouflage
When you slip this collar onto your pet, they might have a bit more trouble playing hide and go seek! 
Blinding rows of crystals set in camouflage make it difficult for your pet to avoid being spotted. 
Available in 1/4", 1/2" and 3/4" wide with one, two, or three rows of crystals, camouflage never looked so luxurious!
This collar comes with a safety ring to identify your pet, just in case they decide to take their undercover act on the road. 
Rows of Crystals
Born Free animal print collar
Born Free! jungle print collar

For the pet who fantasizes of living the jungle life, this collar transforms an ordinary yard into a jungle! 
When your pet slips this collar on, they will turn into a true ruler of that jungle that you call your backyard.
The Born Free! jungle collar is 1/2" wide and available in Leopard print (right), Jaguar (bottom), and Zebra (shown clockwise).
Leopard Print crystal dog and collar
Jungle King

The pet who dons this collar lets everyone know who the real ruler of the backyard is
with the dazzling glare of two rows of amber crystals. This supercharged 3/4" wide version of
the Born Free collar is available in pure Jaguar (left) and Leopard print (right).
All Dressed Up! pink crystal bow collarAll Dressed Up
For pets who like to dress up on an everyday basis, this black leather collar fills the bill. 
All Dressed Up is fitted with an Austrian style crystal buckle, and loaded with
pink crystal bows.  Topped with a crystal bow pendant, this collar is  1/2" wide
and 9-12" adjustable to fit cats and small dogs.

Super Paws! crystal paw print pet collar
Super Paws!
Meant for four legged super studs (and studettes!) with style, this 1/2" wide leatherette charm collar with Austrian style crystal buckle
comes loaded  with clear crystal paw slider charms and a dangling crystal pendant. 

Superstar double row crystal dog collar
There's a Superstar in every household, and now. . . a collar to prove it!
Two rows of blinding crystals set in 3/4" fine leatherette make for the perfect way for your pet to announce
who the Superstar of the household is.  This collar comes with a safety ring to identify your Superstar,
just in case they are out roaming the streets by accident.
leather dog collar with double row austrian crystal
crème de la crème
When only the best will do, crème de la crème fills the bill!  One-Two rows of Austrian crystals
set in 1/2"-3/4" wide premium croc patterned leather will cause havoc on the streets of your neighborhood,
 as pedestrians and motorists alike do whatever it takes to catch a glimpse of your pet
proudly strutting down the block in their dazzling new collar.
Leather collar with crystal filigrees
Circle of Light
Laced with brilliant crystal filigrees, this 3/4"-1" wide premium leather circle of light
celebrates the four legged creatures in our households who make life complete. 


The Flasher multi colored crystal cat collar
The Flasher

What's that streaking around the corner?  Is it a bird, or a plane?  Nope!  It's your pet prancing around in their new flasher collar.
  Made of fine leatherette adorned with a single row of crystals, this 3/8" wide collar will have your pet
streaking around the house making everyone wonder, what was that?!

Sedona Sunrise Longhorn orange crystal pet collarSedona Sunrise
Made of brilliant metallic burnt orange (in Texas, we call this Longhorn Orange) leather and topped with bursts of sparkling crystals,  this collar  will have your pet beaming like a ray of sunshine.  The Sedona Sunrise collar is 1/2" Longhorn Orange leather and comes with a safety ring to ID your pet.

Little Bandit bandana collar for petsBandit Bandana

This collar was designed for the outlaw pet who lives by plunder. 
Made of durable leatherette wrapped with a western styled
cotton kerchief, this collar will stand up to the escapades
 of the little terror in your household.

Westpoint Wannabee red and black pet collarWest Point Wannabee
Designed  for the smart pet who was destined
 for academic greatness, but never made the cut. 
 Sized 9-12" adjustable to fit cats and small dogs,
this 1/2" wide red leatherette collar is embellished
with silver bones that would make any aspiring cadet proud.

Scarlet Regalia rhinestone pet collarScarlet Regalia
Not for the shy pet, this scarlet 3/4" wide red leatherette collar will have heads turning as your pet enters the room.   Loaded with two rows of rhinestones and an Austrian style crystal paw charm , Scarlet Regalia is sized 9-12" adjustable to fit cats and small dogs.