Pampered Whiskers is dedicated to helping animals who aren't as fortunate as our own.  Towards this end, we are donating $1 from each order to a group of animal rescue groups (below) who are working hard to help the plight of homeless and neglected/abused animals.

Alley Cat Allies The Only national advocacy organization dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.  Alley Cat Allies educates the public on how to use Trap Neuter Return as a humane and efective way of reducing feral cat communities.
Animal Legal Defense Fund  Fights to protect the lives and end the suffering of animals through the legal system.
Blind Cat Rescue  A North Carolina sanctuary started to answer the need for a safe place for blind cats that were deemed unadoptable by regular shelters and were going to be killed just because they are blind.
Farm Sanctuary  provides rescue and care for abused and neglected farm animals, monitors legislative action, and conducts cruelty investigations and assists authorities in animal cruelty cases.
Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward  is a group of dedicated volunteers who help the forgotten and abandoned animals of the 5th Ward, Houston, TX. They offer animals in need help with placement in a no kill rescue, and assist the residents of this area with food, vetting and pet care as needed.
Big Fluffy Dog Rescue Works to save giant breed dogs from euthanasia, and help to find every dog in need a home.
Homeless Pet Placement League  is a non-profit animal welfare organization, founded in 1989 by a group of individuals who were concerned about the plight of homeless dogs and cats in the Houston area; specifically, animals that would not usually be put up for adoption by the local animal shelters.
Houston Humane Society  is a non-profit animal shelter dedicated to eliminating cruelty, abuse, and the overpopulation of animals.  HHS is committed to creating the awareness of animal rights throughout the Houston community by providing numerous animal welfare programs for Houston area residents and their pets, including pet adoptions, humane education, R.A.I.D.E.R. cruelty investigations, and Houston’s only $30 spay and neuter clinic.
Houston K-911  Addresses the urgent crisis of Houston's animal overpopulation by rescuing street dogs in danger.
Second Chance Pets  is an animal welfare organization dedicated (a) to providing unwanted pets a second chance through foster care and pet adoption programs, (b) to educating the public about proper care for their own animals and about animal welfare issues, and (c) to working with the public, other rescue groups, and public officials to help resolve the problem of animal overpopulation.
Smiling Dog Farms mission is to "give hope to the forgotten, neglected, and rejected".  Situated on 37 acres of land in Wharton, TX, Smiling Dog Farms is a sanctuary, not a traditional rescue.  The animals here come from shelters, rescues, and private individuals.  This sanctuary is a "last resort for dogs that are out of options and facing certain death".
Soi Dog Foundation Soi Dog helps the homeless, neglected and abused dogs and cats of Thailand, works to end the dog meat trade throughout the region, and responds to animal welfare disasters and emergencies. "We aim to set an example for the Asian region on how to humanely reduce the number of unwanted dogs and cats through spaying and neutering, and to better the lives and living conditions of the stray dogs and feral cats of Asia."
South Side Street Dogs is a group of volunteers who is working to rescue and find homes or fosters for dogs roaming the streets of Sunnyside.  Touted for being one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the nation, this group can use all of the help they can get to support their efforts.
Texas Corridor Rescue is on a mission is to save the lives of injured and starving animals who have been thrown away and left on the streets of Houston in and area dubbed the "corridor of cruelty" to fend for themselves.  This organization is a benchmark for all animal rescue organizations with it's project HEEL .
Triumphant Tails is a Texas based canine welfare organization comprised of dedicated animal lovers committed to the rescue,training,rehabilitation,care and placement of unwanted,homeless,sick and or abused animals into new homes dedicated to providing them love,care, and lifelong support.