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Jungle King - Lion Mane for Cats and Dogs

$19.99 - $24.99

It's a jungle out there, and most of us have only dreamt of  what it might be to be king of the jungle. . if only for a day.  The Jungle King lion mane for cats and dogs allows our 4 legged one and only's to live the dream, and rule the other animals in that jungle we call home.  Plush caramel fur lined with satin, available  in That Cat! Originals signature box or Pampered Whiskers gift bag, Jungle King will turn any pet into a born ruler.

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35 Reviews

Summer Dec 24th 2020

It was enjoyed by my family

My cat wore it for a little bit. We think we can break his spirit enough to wear it more often. It was enjoyed by my family. (Children, Grandma, Aunts, Sister, etc...)

Mary Nov 13th 2020

Five Star

Another great mask from PamperedWhiskers! Try to get Gracie to roar like a lion.

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