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The Sheepish One


The Sheepish One pet hat celebrates those times when we take one look at our 4 legged one and only, and know that something is up . . . we just have not figured out what yet!  This hat is designed for pets who don't mind showing their sheepish side.  Made of dense white cotton topped with hot pink ears, The Sheepish One hat makes looking sheepish cool.  Even cooler if your pet looks sheepish and has  done no wrong.   What's the harm in looking sheepish anyway?  Besides, it makes for a great photo opp!  Packaged in Pampered Whiskers signature keepsake bag, this hat is perfect for giving or enjoying your hat for years to come.

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36 Reviews

Angela Dec 8th 2020

It was adorable on my dogs for Halloween

Shannon Nov 29th 2020

Very soft and made a great costume!

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