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Meritage party collar

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Boysenberry, raspberry, and plum, mixed with hints of vanilla, combine for a spectacular finish to your next wine party.  When your pet struts in wearing this grand cru, guests will want to bottle your pet and take it home.

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1 Review

Guy Fagot Jan 16th 2018

Pepper says: "With Meritage, and never more without"!

When I opened the personalised Pampered Whiskers package with the Meritage collar, my Pepper's eyes grew big as glowing carbuncles and she insisted she try it on immediately. The result was picture perfect: the colour scheme amazingly complements her jet-black fur and green eyes, the execution, from the beads to the multi-coloured gauze is absolutely stunning. Pepper says: "I can see a whole lotta special occasions in my future where I'm gonna sparkle and shine in my fancy Meritage collar"!

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